Varied Characteristics and Qualities of Architecture Sydney


In Sydney, the different characteristics and qualities of architecture, Sydney reflects its economic, cultural, and geographic forces. Yet, what, exactly, is architecture?

Constructing physical structures such as buildings and homes needs the planning and design of architecture. In Sydney’s setting today, the unprecedented architectural styles and pace have evolved from that of yesteryears. This has brought on individual architecture styles from some architects as a means to get an edge over others.

Top-most Iconic Home Architecture

When it comes to home design, the stand-out and highly popular architecture styles include:

“The Style” or De Stijil

 The De Stijil architectural design started towards the end of WW1 in the Netherlands. De Stijil is the Dutch term to mean “The Style”. Utilising only primary, white, and black colours to the all vertical and horizontal lines of the home with rectangular shapes intersections made it a unique architectural home design. Multi-unit homes and condominiums are still using the same design because of the sliding panels that allow open spaces to become converted into private rooms.


In the 1500s, the affordability of brick created a new home design in England known as the Tudor style. Fireplaces and stacked chimneys made entirely of bricks became the latest home design innovation in that era.

The design was later revived during the nineteenth century with the 70s and 80s its highest peak. Everyone wanted the tall chimneys, white stucco infill and half-timbered exterior walls, high-pitched gables and roofs, and big mullioned windows. The large fireplaces and exposed ceiling beams of the interiors evoke a cosy ambience of the country homes of the English.

The Tudor building design is still the popular choice for golf courses and country clubs today.


American architecture produced during the 1890s a distinctive style known as the Craftsman design. This architectural design focused on simplicity using local materials with emphasis on visible handwork.

The growing middle class in America during that era wanted homes that do not only feature clean symmetry and lines but also durability as well. Stone and wood were the natural materials used to build Craftsman homes featuring wide windows, low-pitched roofs, exposed rafters, and front porches overhang with deep eaves. The open floor plans of the interior along with built-in cabinets and low ceilings are still a popular design today.

Mediterranean Revival

The distinctiveness of Italy’s and Spain’s Renaissance architecture is still very much alive today. The design is an inspiration from Spanish churches with features such as balconies, white stucco walls, arched windows, rectangular floor plans, and red-tiled roofs. Tropical plants are the top feature of the lush garden architecture design of the exterior.

Hotels that want to convey the grandeur and decadent luxury of their villas use the Mediterranean revival architectural design. Yet, the sophisticated luxury ambience inspired by this kind of architecture design is the top design chosen by countless homeowners in Sydney yesterday and today.

The impression of wealth, opulence, and luxury is always achieved by homes opting for this type of architectural design.

Every architect aims to come up with their unique design as a way to get an edge above the competition. Experience high quality architecture in Sydney. The creativeness of some top architects has provided the world with some of the most awesome architectural designs. When it comes to home design, knowing what you need and want helps in getting the right architect.