Ultimate Guide to Install Solar Panels in your Home


Are you interested in solar energy for your home? And not sure whether you can install panels on your rooftops easily without the help of an expert? Is ordering solar panels online and watching youtube videos on installing sufficient enough to confidently do it yourself? Or, do you require an expert for the process of installing solar panels on your rooftop? By the end of this ultimate guide, you will know what to do when you desire to go green.

Luckily today, several reputable solar companies are available, some with plenty of experience on matters related to solar energy. To ensure you have green energy that meets your home power requirements, here are a few steps to follow when installing permitted solar energy.

When you install solar energy for your home, you lift the burden of overdependence on utility companies for heating or lighting your home.

The process of the solar installation determines the success and how resourceful the solar energy will be for your home. Whether you will be using it as a primary energy source or as an alternative source, if you decide to DIY solar panel installation, you will require extensive knowledge of how solar panels function. Besides, you cannot install solar panels overnight, even with state-of-the-art solar panels. Here are a few basic steps to follow during the solar panel installation process:

Request a site survey with an expert

Once you complete the process of acquiring solar panels from a reputable solar company, the company will give you an engineer to perform a site survey before installation. The solar engineer will evaluate your current electrical systems to ascertain whether it is fit for the solar panel option. If you are not comfortable with the recommendation and the report provided, you can still hire an independent contractor and compare notes. If your current system is obsolete, you might have to replace or upgrade it. In addition, an engineer will perform a roof inspection to ensure your rooftop is well structured and sturdy enough to accommodate the extra weight the solar panels will add. Also, the engineer shall ascertain whether your roof requires extra mounting devices in case of a flat rooftop or not. The performance of a solar panel depends on installation, so hiring an expert ensures you get maximum solar performance.

Get the right permits before installation

Before installing solar panels onto your rooftop, ensure you get the right permits to avoid crossing paths with the state laws. Get the documentation right and ensure your solar panels meet the safety standards and zoning requirements. You want to pass through the hurdles of getting the necessary permits after the installation process is complete.

Get the right equipment

Once the solar system is in place, get the right equipment, such as batteries, lighting systems, inverters, the right types of solar panels for your home, and more. You should lay down your proposals before installation so that the experts can evaluate and propose the right solar panels that will meet all your requirements. As a homeowner, it is common knowledge that you will have to research extensively before settling for solar options available.

Finally, get connected

Once everything is done and dusted, ask the experts to approve and connect your solar system. Bring your local utility provider to approve the previous electrical system works just fine with your new solar system.