The benefits of travertine floors


If you are looking for home improvement ideas you might have already thought about laying a new floor. Everyone wants to have a flooring which has a classic and a timeless appeal. Something which can last for decades yet not lose its classic beauty. One such option is using travertine for your floors.

Its natural stone flooring which is beautiful and durable. The following are some of the advantages of travertine floors.

Travertine is durable

If you are looking for a durable flooring option you should definitely know that travertine would be your first choice. It has a high hardness rating almost comparable to that of marble. It can withstand all amounts of heavy traffic. If you have a huge family with loads of people coming and going into your home this kind of floor is going to work best for you.

Unlike hardwood floors which are prone to scratches and damages especially in high traffic areas travertine floor can withstand all kinds of wear and tear.

Plus it is also resistant to fluctuations in temperature and therefore can easily be used for your outdoor spaces as well. However one thing with you should keep in mind to maintain its durability is to apply some form of seal over your floor so that it becomes completely resistant to water and moisture as well.

When installing travertine tiles on the floor is it is best to talk to an expert and get their views regarding what you should do to ensure its longevity.


Another reason why travertine is so popular with homeowners as well as interior designers is its time less beauty and classic appeal. It is available in a variety of designs tones and colors. Plus the mix and match of the several patterns can create interesting dimension to your room. It has been a part of huge structures and masterpieces for centuries. Colors are of variable tones of tan, gold, red and silver.

It is not only beautiful to look at but is quite versatile as well. It is also available in a number of finishes. You have the option of going for a polished finish which is very flat and smooth and has a high glossy shine. On the other hand if you are going for honed travertine you may need to have the floor grounded and sand it, however it has a matte surface and doesn’t reflect any light. It can be given a certain texture after it is brushed with a metal wire. The most textured travertine is tumbled travertine.

Choosing from the above options become easier when you have somebody guiding you about the right kind of design ideas for your various rooms and surfaces. Outdoors it is better to choose travertine which is slightly textured so as to prevent slips and falls on the porches. On the other hand if you want to change the flooring for your office or commercial space the glossy travertine can definitely add to the beauty.