5 Problems That Your Aircon Toowoomba Might Encounter


Moisture and heat can make your living space inhabitable in Toowoomba. However, if you invest in the right aircon, your living space will have the right heat and humidity.

It’s true; almost everyone has invested in air conditioning. Like any other system, air conditioners are prone to faults, which makes them less efficient. Therefore, it is vital to keep an eye on your air conditioners to ensure that they work correctly.

In some cases, you just need to call in a trained technician. However, in other cases, you can handle routine maintenance practices.

Here are some of the issues your air conditioner might run into:


In case of issues, the refrigerant may leak from your air conditioner. Massive leaks may cause massive failure in your air conditions. Commonly, this leads to temperature fluctuations.

Adding a refrigerant after a leakage won’t solve the problem. Instead, it’s advisable to fix the source of the leak. In case you suspect leakage in the air conditioner, call a professional technician to fix the leak. Besides, HVAC technicians can change the entire system and then charge the correct amount of coolant.

Keep in mind that each air conditioner uses a specific type as well as the amount of refrigerant. The system works best when you charge with the correct type and amount of coolant as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Sensor Problems

You’ll find a thermostat sensor behind the control panel – a component that measures the temperature of air that enters into the evaporating coils.

Some times the air conditioner behaves erratically or just cycles continuously. This is a typical case when the thermostat is knocked out of place.

The right position of the thermostat is close to but should not touch the coil. If it does touch the coil, then you’ll get faulty readings. You can adjust it – bend the wire that is holding the sensor carefully.

Electric Control Failure

Oversizing the air conditioner is the common cause of electric control failure. Usually, when an air conditioner switches on and off repeatedly, it leads to wearing out of the fan and compressor controls. This results in electric failures.

Additionally, an air conditioner can experience terminals or wires’ corrosion within the central systems, contacts, and electrical connections. It is vital to call a qualified technician to check on the wiring and correct any issue.

Drainage Problems

Condensate drain can get clogged or fail to drain correctly, especially when your house’s exterior is very humid.  Therefore, it is essential to constantly monitor and ensure that draining is occurring as ordinary as possible.

The other problem that might cause improper drainage is improper mounting. Mount the air conditioner to be level. Unlevel mounting disrupts the flow fluids; thus, the drainage.

Filtration issues

Dirt can get into the filters, and this affects the efficiency and life service of the air conditioner. Always check if your filter has any clogging and clean it accordingly.

However, it is important to note that different types of air conditioner filters exist. Some are only used once, while you can recycle others. Check the types of filters that your air conditioner has before replacing it.

Note that air conditioners have problems emanating from various sources. In some cases, it might be a flawed serving process or faulty installations. Still, inadequate maintenance is a huge cause of problems in air conditioners. Usually, these issues can lead to low airflow and leaky ducts, which massively affects air conditioners’ performance.

To avoid issues that will easily shorten your unit’s service life, have your air conditioning unit serviced and maintained by the expert technicians at VDK Group Toowoomba.