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Signs your flatmate moved out with our notifying you

April 21, 2018
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Have you noticed something odd when you walked in the front door?

Let’s assume that your just got home from a long days work, and you have opened the front door of your  flat/house/apartment and your walking straight towards the TV room and you notice something is just not quite right. You haven’t had that feeling in a long time since your last flat mate moved out unannounced and you get this sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. 

The first thing you notice is that the TV has been left on and this is really unusual because Samantha ( your flatmate) always makes sure the TV is turned off. But no ones home and the TV is on which is so unusual. Everything seems to be in place so there hasn’t been a break in but you just quite can’t put your finger on what the issue is.

Then you notice something really odd. Samantha is really neat and for the first time since she moved in 6 months ago the dishes are left in the sink unwashed. Wow, something is definitely going on here. You heart starts racing a bit and suddenly your realise that Samantha is the issue. Has she gone out quickly for a top up of yoghurt or even worse has she been kidnapped? No this can’t be right!

Then you suddenly out of the corner of your eye see that the cat has made himself very comfortable on the couch. This is so odd because the cat is never allowed inside during the day until one of us is home and feeds him. So why has he all of a sudden mysteriously appeared? Wow all these odd things happening, something must be going on and I think that Samantha is the issue here. has she forgotten everything or has she deliberately done this to send a message to me? 

I am suddenly getting really suspicious and I check the communal money jar that was full of $2 coins last week ( we use this for buying toilet paper and milk) but it is no empty. OMG, I am getting so angry now that I want to have strong words with her. So what do Ido? I walk straight into her bedroom and guess what? It’s completely empty. Sam has bailed on me. That’s right. She has gone without saying a word to me or giving me the 2 weeks notice as per our initial agreement and she has skipped on the last 2 weeks rent she owes me. What a total!

Ok, time to panic because you know that the real estate agent is going to take the rent out of your bank account tomorrow and you were counting on the money that Sam would pay you for the next 2 weeks to cover the rent. This is really bad news. I am not going to be able to pay the rent and I myself may be evicted. The only thing I can do is take a cash advance on my credit card and use this today the rent.

The above scenario of flatmates leaving you suddenly before the rent is due is really common and at Happy Flatties we do unfortunately hear about these stories from time to time. So in order to help our flatties we though we would compile a list of thing to look out for if your flatmate is about to skip on you.

Signs to watch out for that your flatmate is about to bail on you.

  • they are suddenly complaining about money not only to you but they are posting it on their social media
  • they are having long conversations with their parents in their room
  • they are being difficult when it comes to splitting bills and saying that they will pay you next week as they are short on money
  • they are skipping on dinner because they are trying to save money
  • they are behaving weirdly front of you and being argumentative about bills
  • they stop going to the local pub with you for that Thursday nite dinner and beer
  • they disengage completely from talking with you and if you bring friends over the just go to their room and stay there for the evening.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs then it’s time to start thinking about getting a new flatmate or at least confronting your current flatmate to see what the issue is and if they are under any financial stress. See if you can help and be open in talking about this. If they are a good flatmate and you want to keep them perhaps offer a payment plan where you can loan them next weeks rent and they pay you back when they have money. This does come with a warning though. Do this only if you completely trust your flatmate and then do it as a once off. You do not want to them together too much into debt with you. This will only eat to flatmate issues as the amount starts increasing.