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    Cozy house in Marrickville - your Central gateway!

    Meeks Road, Marrickville
    ida, 0
    $ 320.00 per week
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    $ 320.00 per week
    Available: June 8,2018
    Minimum Stay: 3 months
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 1 Flatmates
  • House
  • Room Costings

    • Weekly rent:$320.00
    • Bond:2 weeks rent
    • Bills:Included in rent
    • Internet:Available but not included in rent
    • Parking:Street parking

    About Flatmates

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    The room measures 3.5 x 3.5 metres, isn't furnished. You will need to organise your wardrobe It has plenty of natural light, with two windows - once facing the street, another one the side entry + wall. Has a potential for vertical garden if you are up for it.

    Things to know about our house and your room

  • Shared room
  • Furnished
  • Our ideal flattie

    Additional info

  • Couples welcome
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