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A pile of washing – the battle for the laundry

April 18, 2018
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If you are living with a flatmate or part of sharing a house then there are always issues involving the laundry. It doesn’t matter what your flatmate is like or the relationship you have, when it comes to the laundry there are always problems. You all know what I’m talking about. When you loo at the washing machine and someone has taken your clothes out, replaced them with their bed linen and put them in the sink or have used the last bit of powder that was meant to be yours. OMG, these little nuances and issues can really build up and escalate if they continue. Simply put, the laundry like the kitchen is a potential disaster for flatmates.

If you living in a house with a dryer then your lucky as you won’t have to fight for the clothes line. Again, in Australia with energy prices the way they are, if your flatmate is hogging the dryer then expect to see a radical rise in the electricity bill. This is a another headache if your splitting the bill. Really be upfront about the dryer as this is a energy draining device that chews up money. Our advice is to avoid the dryer to stop future fights.

Make sure you have Laundry Negotiations

Like every aspect of sharing a house with flatmates there are always negotiations with the laundry. And, you need to have these to keep the peace and harmony. Stop cursing and rolling your eyes, start the communication now.

If you know who the laundry dryer hog is and you know who is causing the mess in the laundry then have a coffee with them and air your feelings. Try to do things like negotiate a better laundry routine, perhaps organise a timetable where each person has an allocated time in the laundry. Definitely not after you go to bed.

Try to remember that this is your flatmate and you have them there for a reason; you want to split the costs of living together and make life easier for yourself. So you don’t want to ruin the relationship over a pile of washing. If worse really comes to worse then ask the landlord to take the washing machine and dryer away so there can be no more issues. The easiest thing would be to take your washing to the local laundromat and have them do it. But, who wants that hassle?

Another great idea is to make sure that everyone buys their own washing powder and keep them separate. Nothing worse than someone borrowing your Dynamo and using your last drop. Enough to send you into a raging fit as you quickly make your way to Woolies or Coles to top up supplies. Avoid these dramas, headaches and potential issues and make sure everyone has their own supply.

I know all this may seem trivial and you may be thinking that it’s just a laundry but small things can quickly escalate when people or strangers are living together as flatmates.