Finding a Flatmate

Over 40 and considering sharing your house

April 23, 2018
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For those over 40 and thinking about getting a flatmate this can be a big decision. Why? Because once you hit a certain age living with flatmates is simply out of the question. Sure it’s fine if your in your 20’s but why would anyone in their 40’s consider getting a flatmate. The answer is probably financial. They have a house or apartment and want to rent a spare room out to earn some extra money. For those folks reading this who are over 40 and are thinking about renting that spare room out take note of the following points so your prepared for what’s about to happen.

The most important thing to remember is that your not 20 anymore. Times have changed, people have changed and your going to feel differently about sharing your abode with a stranger. What might seem like a great idea in theory can prove to be really scary once they start living with you. Don’t be blind sighted by the dollars and cents here. Know that your sacrificing your freedom and personal space.

For this reason when your interviewing potential flatmates try to get someone who is really settled down and more in your age bracket. Taking a 20 something as your flatmate might be ok to start with but know that they are going to be going out a lot, bringing friends back home, throwing dinner parties and leaving a much heavier flatmate footprint than someone in their late 30’s, early 40’s. If you’re the type who values their privacy then read our tips for choosing the right flatmate.

There are also issues regarding the laundry, kitchen, toilet and common areas that you have to be aware of. If they are paying 50% of the rent then they are completely entitled to do as they wish when ever they wish. For those people in their 40’s who have their routine established this could and probably will cause some mental turmoil. Picture your whole routine thrown into complete chaos. So make sure you understand the treacherous waters your paddling into before you post your flatmates ad.

You have got to think about other variables like what happens if your single flatmate suddenly gets hooked up with a boy/girlfriend and they are there the whole time. Just another variable to throw into the mix here to completely destabilise your easy going way of life and daily routine. Just imagine having an extra person laying on your couch. Yes, that’s right and they are perfectly entitled to be there.

Tips for over 40’s when choosing a flatmate

– Go with a flatmate nearer your own age

– Make sure they have full time employment

– If they have a partner see if they will be spending time at their place or will the partner be bunking up with the flatmate – in this case and if you happy with this the utility bills needed to be divided up accordingly

– Be mature about this and discuss any privacy issues you may have and be open about that fact that you might like a place that’s quiet

– Get some references. No matter how good they might seem in the first meeting, get a couple of references.

– Be clear about your expectations in terms of household duties and responsibilities. Don’t leave this till they move in. Be upfront about all your wants and if the fit is right they will agree with you. If it look like there will be conflicts later on, then it’s best top bail on them early and look for a more amicable flatmate that suits your 40’s lifestyle.