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How to tell if your flatmate is a Psycho

April 27, 2018
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It’s hard to spot a psycho from the first meeting. When you see your flatmate for the first time in the interview he or she may seem like a perfectly normal person. They are fun to chat with, you may seem like you have a lot in common and you may even may be in the same age bracket. But, how on earth would you know that things can unravel so quickly once they move in.

So, following are some really good tips to tell if your living with a psycho.

They hang in their room the whole time. This could actually be a good thing but it can get annoying if they scurry off to their room as soon as you come home from work. Are they shy? Have you done something to piss them off? All these questions keep running through your mind. Why do they hang in their room so much? Worse of all they actually slam the door to make a point. If this pattern of behaviour continues then this is a sure sign that your living with a psycho.

They spend every waking moment in front of the TV or in the lounge room on their social media. They never leave the house or apartment and all they do is watch the telly. Something is definitely wrong here/. Do they have friends? Why don’t they go down to the beach when it’s a nice day? If all they do is become engrossed in the TV and are at home the whole time crowding you, then something is definitely up. At this stage you need to see why they never leave the place and why when you spoke to them initially did they tell you that they had an active social life. They must have lied then and are living with you under false pretences.

The constantly eat your food in the fridge. You’ve asked them a million times to stop doing this but the just keep on ignoring you. You were saving that last piece of cheese cake for later and all of a sudden you go to the fridge and it’s gone. This is the last straw. Living with psychos that don’t respect your space or food that you’ve bought is a real problem. You have to address this and get them to stop doing this. It’s a form of stealing and in a flatmate environment, taking your food is not on.

They bring their mates over mid week for a big booze up till all hours of the morning. You both know it’s a school night and you have to get up early for an important meeting yet they have made the insane decision to invite a few friends over visiting from the UK for a few drinks. Well, we all know what that’s going to lead to. This psychotic behaviour is damaging to the flatmate relationship and there has to be definitive ground rules set in place so things like this never happen again, especially when they know how important work and your career is to you.

Lastly, they love to argue with you the whole time. No matter what they point is they like to pick a fight. They become argumentative and irritable when discussing the smallest details. Let’s say you want to discuss the next shopping trip where you both go and stock up on flatmate supplies. Each time you do this they become irrational saying that you use more bathroom supplies than they do. It’s a constant heated battle and it gets to the point where you can’t even be bothered talking to them anymore. This is when the flatmate scenario starts to break down and it’s time to part company.

There are so many other tell tale signs that your living with a psycho. If they start to add up to the point where it becomes unbearable then you ought to kick them out and start the flatmate hunting process again. Best idea id to list your room here at Happy Flatties.